Classification and Determination of Indicator Environmental Properties in Western Iran Rangelands

  • Reza Hasanpori Islamic Azad University
  • Ali Tavili University of Tehran
  • Seied Akbar Javadi Islamic Azad University
Keywords: Iran, plant density, rangeland, soil characteristics, Zagros


How soil characteristics affecting plant species density was investigated through the one-way ANOVA method in typical rangelands of Iran in Zagros Mountains region. All of present species were identified, studied, tagged and named. Four plant types were identified based on two-way indicator species analysis (TWINSPAN). Survey was done at two depths of soil (0-30 and ≥30 cm). In each plot canopy related factors were measured and to determine chemical and physical properties of soil, at primary and end points of each transect profiles were dug. For each profile eight factors at two depths were measured inclusive: soil texture, Organic matter, total nitrogen percent, absorbable phosphorus, absorbable potassium, Lime, pH and EC. Means of squares comparison showed that organic matter, phosphorus, potassium, EC, sand and lime were more effective on species density at two depths in such rangeland ecosystems.


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Author Biographies

Reza Hasanpori, Islamic Azad University

Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Islamic Azad University, IRAN

Ali Tavili, University of Tehran

Associate Professor, Natural Resources Faculty, University of Tehran, IRAN

Seied Akbar Javadi, Islamic Azad University

Assistant Professor, Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, IRAN


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