Emergence of Corporate Philanthropy: Chapter Bangladesh

  • Md. Shahriar Parvez Lecturer, Department of Business Administration, City University, BANGLADESH
Keywords: Corporate Philanthropy, Community Benefits, Corporate Social Responsibility, Company Image, Community Support and Market Creation


The study objective is to focus on emergence of corporate philanthropy on Bangladesh. Corporate philanthropy is a phenomenon which associates the business sector with the social sector. Social historians and researchers alike as a subset of a larger corporate social responsibility (CSR) subject, philanthropy provides an opportunity for corporations to establish an ethical and moral mantra within the organization. The study also aims to find out, understand the perspective of attributes, legal context, importance, advantages and disadvantages, competitive advantage, Sectors contribution analysis of emergence of corporate philanthropy on Bangladesh. The study used published secondary source of data from various relevant sources reports, websites, journals, publications and the researcher have used own personal experience regarding the country’s corporate behavior and following background and their impact on this research paper. After conceptualizing the various situations and literatures review the study find out that corporate philanthropy is a new concept in the corporate world and increasing clients/ customers demand on the products and services towards the corporate in the meantime cooperate responsibilities towards their clients/ customers also increasing day by day, so emergence of the corporate philanthropy in Bangladesh is a vital part of the corporate sector and Bangladeshi business culture for centuries and it seems that an emphasis on charitable contributions from philanthropic programs has enhanced the visibility of this practice in Bangladesh.

GEL Classification Code: M14; N30 


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