Quality Higher Education and Students’ Perception: A Study on Private Universities of Bangladesh

  • Md. Mizanur Rahman Senior Lecturer, Department of Business Administration, Metropolitan University, Sylhet, BANGLADESH
Keywords: Bangladesh, Higher education, Private University, Students’ perception, and Quality


This is a pragmatic study conducted to explore the quality higher education and students’ perception towards the private universities in Bangladesh. This study examines the relationship between the quality higher education and students’ perception using a structured questionnaire. A total number of 500 senior undergraduate and graduate level students from ten selected private universities in Bangladesh were taken as sample for conducting the study. The finding of this study discloses that the quality higher education is a dynamic factor that ensures the students’ perception. It also shows that quality higher education can create positive students’ perception towards the private universities in Bangladesh. Reliability, Responsiveness, Competence, Tangibility, Courtesy, Goodwill & Image, Empathy, Security and Costs are the dimensions of quality higher education. To quantify the variables a five point “Likert- type†scale has been used in this paper. The researcher conducted various analyses such as Multiple Regression Analysis, Descriptive Analysis, and ANOVA and identified a numerous key findings as to the students’ perception towards the quality higher education. 

JEL Classification Code: I20; I23 


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