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An Impact of Socio-Cultural Practices on Maternal Mortality in Masasi District, Tanzania

Robert Ngelela Shole


This study was about to find out the impact of socio-cultural practices on maternal mortality rate in Tanzania by using Masasi District as the case study. The study involved 3 sample hospital namely Mkomaindo, Maendeleo, and Mkapa Road. The data obtained from 30 total respondents namely clinical officers, maternal mothers, and midwives. The study used mixed research approach under Explanatory Design in which data collection were done by questionnaire and interview. Data was processed by a computer to obtain tabulation, simple figures, Percentages and content analysis. Findings showed that the impact of socio-cultural practices on maternal mortality rate was loss of blood, miscarriage, difficulties during the time of giving birth, lack of good health to the maternal mother and child. Researcher recommended some ways on how to reduce the problem of socio-culture practices on maternal mortality rate include the provision of education to maternal mother. Also, the government should enact strict law against those who still practice bad traditional to maternal mother also the government should ensure services to maternal mother are cheap so that they can be able to go to the hospital.





Socio-cultural practices, maternal mortality, Health care, mother, health service delivery

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