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The Addition of Hyaluronic Acid into Platelet-Rich Fibrin Lysate in Restoration of Senescent Human Dermal Fibroblasts Activities

Rika Azyenela, Indah Julianto, Yohanes Widodo Wirohadidjojo


Senescent human dermal fibroblasts had reduced capacity in proliferation and collagen synthesis. It is due to unresponsiveness against transforming growth factor-β1 (TGF-β1) stimulation. Either platelet-rich fibrin (PRF)-lysate or hyaluronic acid (HA) can restore TGF-β1 signaling pathway.

To determine whether HA addition to PRF lysate has a better activity than PRF-lysate alone in restoring senescent human dermal fibroblasts (HDFs) activities.

HDF isolated from six different human skins was divided into normal HDFs and senescent HDFs which are induced by serum starvation. The senescent groups were then given 50% PRF-lysate and various levels of HA. Amelioration of TGF-β1 signaling was measured by cellular proliferation index and collagen deposition. 

Addition of HA into PRF-lysate resulted in a significant increase in proliferation index and collagen deposition index than PRF-lysate alone. The best level of HA for this mixture ranged from 20.83 mM to 41.67 mM. HA in PRF lysate is an excellent candidate material for treating clinical signs related to senescent human dermal fibroblasts.


Ethical permission: This experiment had gain approval from the local ethical committee, Ref: KE/FK/471/EC/2016 dated 17-05-2016.




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Collagen deposition, hyaluronic acid, platelet-rich fibrin lysate, proliferation index, senescent human dermal fibroblasts

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