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TEF [Eragrostis TEF (ZUCC.) Trotter] Seed Quality Variation in East Gojjam Zone, Ethiopia

Melkam Anteneh


East Gojjam is one of the major tef seed growing areas of Ethiopia. The main themes of this study were to assess the physical, physiological and health quality of seed in Gozzamin and Enarji Enawga districts, Amhara Regional state, in 2009/2010 cropping season. Data were done by employing SAS (9.0) softwares to analyse the physical, physiological and health quality of seed samples. There was a significat difference in physical purity among seed samples. The analytical purity of the tef seed grown in all PAs was above the national standards for commercial seed. The most abundant seeds of other species in purity analysis were Vitgroe, Sitaria spp, Trampgrass samples which appeared in 31% (4), 23% (3) and 15% (2), respectively. The overall average mean germination percentage was 88.2% with the range of 76.6% to 93.0% and the highest value was recorded for seed obtained from Enarji Enawga F8(93.0%) followed by F1(92.3) from Gozzamin. The lowest vigor index 1 was recorded for F7 from Enarji Enawga because of short root length (199.99cm). The highest vigor index II was recorded for samples collected from ESE with 1.68mg mean because of higher seedling dry weight. There was a positive and highly significant correlation (r = 0.603**, p < 0.001) between germination percent and seedling emergence percent. These indicated that as the germination percent increased and seedling emergence percent also increased. Seed storage facilities at farmers are inferior to those at the Ethiopian Seed Enterprise but during shipments should therefore be timed so that seeds can be sown with the minimum delay after receipt. So, shipment of sensitive seeds by air is desirable. Other, wise in conclusion, to enhance tef productivity in east Gojjam zone through supply of improved varieties and quality seed it is important to integrate formal and farmer (informal) seed system.




Quality, Seed, TEF, Variation

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