Editorial Policy

Editorial board members of i-Proclaim journals with Editor-In-Chief are bound with ethical and honest accountability to support the researchers and interested individuals. We want to provide a wide platform with humane support to newer researchers and creative individuals living in different parts of this world. We also want to develop a warm connection with such individuals who knows something special, novel and unusual about the scientific aspects of varied natural science and life sciences arenas.

The manuscripts submitted to i-Proclaim will be subjected to peer-review and are therefore expected to be of high quality. Manuscripts submitted for publication consideration must have the ability to make a contribution to the field of the journal. This contribution may be small but meaningful and forms the rubric of what our reviewers and editors look for during the review process. i-Proclaim applies a very vigorous review process in determining which articles are accepted and eventually being published. We strive for a rapid review and subsequent publication of high-quality manuscripts.

Editorial Policy
i-Proclaim aims at the rapid publication of high-quality research papers with a peer review process. Any article submitted to the i-Proclaim is subjected to peer review. Being open access and free to access journal publishing system. Submitted articles are given up to the Editor-In-Chief after final checking, who examines the manuscript. If he feels and decides that the manuscript does not cover the aspects as per the journal guidelines or out of scope of the journal and with insufficient features to be submitted for review, he may directly reject the paper without any further processing. The concerned author will be informed through e-mail as early as possible about such failure to conform and will always be supported for a newer submission. If Editor-In-Chief observes that the submitted manuscript is of enough quality and within the journal scope of the journals then it is sent to two experts of the field or reviewers. All manuscript reviewers have a right to reject or accept the manuscript under certain conditions. i-Proclaim also holds the right to publish submitted articles without any processing. If the review process takes more time, authors will be informed by email with the reasons behind it.

Based on the reviewer’s recommendations, the decision takes by the Editor-In-Chief and through for the following actions will be implemented as early as possible.
– Publish manuscript as it is,
– Publish manuscript with minor changes,
– Review for major changes,
– Rejected manuscript.

The corresponding author will be accountable to carry out all the changes suggested by the Editor-In-Chief of i-Proclaim journals. If minor revision is required, authors are requested to return a revised copy as soon as possible within a short time while for major revision authors should return an adapted updated version within 07 days. Authors are requested to be patient and back-up in any form for the urgent publication may exclude the manuscript early before publication in the journal.

The whole ‘start to end’, manuscript ‘submission to publication’ process may take a minimum of 25 to a maximum of 60 days which is definitely a less time period as compared with other publishers of the present years. Authors are requested to be patient and faithful to us during this time. As per the ‘i-Proclaim’ policy, all the accepted papers will remain in line for publication. Authors are requested not to re-submit the rejected article to i-Proclaim.

Editorial Evaluation
All submitted manuscripts are usually reviewed by at least two expert peer-reviewers. The assigned ‘i-Proclaim’ editor reviews the manuscript and makes an initial decision based on the quality of the manuscript and editorial priorities. The assigned editor will determine either to send the manuscript to peer-reviewers or reject the manuscript. If a manuscript receives an even review by two reviewers, the reviewers submit their reports on the manuscripts along with their recommendation and peer reviewers recommend to the Editor-in-Chief whether a manuscript should be accepted, revised, or rejected. The Editor-in-Chief, Editor, or a senior member of the editorial board will make a decision/report based on editorial priorities, manuscript quality, and reviewer’s recommendations. The decision is usually to request a revise the manuscript, reject the manuscript, or provisionally accept the manuscript. The decision/report letter is sent to the author informing him/her of the decision in the above step.

Editorial Evaluation Timeline
All submissions are initially evaluated in depth by the scientific editors. Papers that are not deemed by the editors to be strong candidates for publication will be returned to the authors without detailed review, typically within 3–5 days. Otherwise, manuscripts will be sent to reviewers who have agreed in advance to assess the paper rapidly. The editors will make every effort to reach decisions on these papers within 1-2 weeks of the submission date. If revisions are a condition of publication, editors will carefully evaluate the reviewers’ comments and, whenever possible, will provide guidance on the important concerns to be addressed. We generally allow 15 days for revisions and consider only one revised version of the paper. Accepted papers will be published online within 15 days (up to 1 month) of acceptance. Any major changes after acceptance are subject to review and may delay publication.