For Authors

Summary of preliminary acceptance for review.

  1. Have you included the no prior submission undertaking? This is an original publication and has not been published elsewhere and has not been submitted elsewhere or is under review in any other journal.
  2. Only MS Document format is accepted.
  3. All URL addresses in the text are activated.
  4. Specified if your paper is a full research paper or a non-research review paper.
  5. The text is spaced 1.5 between lines: uses 12 point font and underlining only where underlining is required in the final publication.
  6. Tables are included in the manuscript at the point they are intended to appear, preceded by a table caption. 
  7. All permissions have been cleared for any copyrighted material.
  8. In the e-mail message indicating what is new about your study.
  9. Provide a short biography, affiliation, and email contact of all authors / co-authors.
  10. APA referencing style should be followed.
  11. Papers should be up to 6,000 words including tables, figures, references, and appendices.
  12. Authors shall not cite themselves in the references unless the said citation is in a SCOPUS/ WoS indexed journal
  13. All tables and figures should be cited in the discussion body.
  14. Auto Confirmation is immediately sent if your submission is received.
  15. If you do not receive an Auto Response check your Spam mail.
  16. Present an accurate account of the research you have performed and give sufficient details and references to public sources of information to permit your peers to repeat the work.
  17. Give credit to other people who have helped or influenced your work.
  18. Obtain permission to reproduce figures, tables, or extensive extracts from the text of a source that is copyrighted or owned by someone else.
  19. Obtain permission to cite personal communications.
  20. Make sure that co-authors review the manuscript before you submit it and that all authors agree on the order in which authors will be listed.
  21. Declare any conflicts of interest.
  22. Declare sources of research funding, including any grant ID numbers.
  23. Make sure that you notify the journal if an error is found after publication that would require a correction to be printed.
  24. Advise of any change in email address promptly.
  25. Do not include plagiarized, obscene, libelous, or defamatory material.
  26. Do not submit the same or similar articles to any other journal.
  27. Do not list people as co-authors unless they have made a significant contribution to the work and will share responsibility and accountability for the results.
  28. Do not make significant changes to your manuscript after it has been accepted without informing the journal editor. Significant changes would include new data, new content, or a change in the list of authors.
  29. Do not write in CAPITAL letters apart from normal capitalization.
  30. Do not insert page numbers, headers, or footer(s).