Effect of nanoSiO2 Additive of Some Mechanical and Water Absorption of Polyvinyl Alchol/Chitosan Blends

  • Nadia Abbas Ali Baghdad University
  • Ekram Atta AL-Ajaj Baghdad University
  • F.T. Mohammed Noori Baghdad University
Keywords: PVA, Chitosan, Nano SiO2 XRD, FTIR, Tensile strength, Water Absorption


Polyvinyl alcohol/Chitosan blend (PVA/CC(50:50) and (PVA/CC/10wt% SiO2) composite, were prepared by casting method on a glass plate . Poly (vinyl alcohol)-chitosan blend films were prepared with a thickness about 250 micron. The crystalline structure of PVA and fingerprint of semi-crystalline of chitosan was confirmed by X-ray diffraction. The tensile results show that the tensile strength and Young’s modulus of these hybrid films were greatly improved compared to the neat PVA film which was 10.86 MPa, 82GPa respectively and  for the sample containing 10 wt% silica was 20.6 MPa and 227GPa respectively where  compared to PVA/CC which was 15.93 MPa and 131GPa respectively.  Strong interfacial bonding between the silica and the PVA/CC, and homogenous distribution of the silica particles in PVA/CC are supportive of markedly improved mechanical strength. The solubility measurements showed that the hybrid has an enhanced water resistance, the solubility decreased with the addition of silica. Blending PVA and chitosan improved strength and young modules of the film and increased water uptake because hydrophobicity of two polymers blend films.


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Author Biographies

Nadia Abbas Ali, Baghdad University

Physics Department, College Science, Baghdad University, IRAQ

Ekram Atta AL-Ajaj, Baghdad University

Physics Department, College Science, Baghdad University, IRAQ

F.T. Mohammed Noori, Baghdad University

Physics Department, College Science, Baghdad University, IRAQ


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