Influence of Internal Energies on Optical Properties of Methyl Ammonium Lead Triiodide Thin Layers


  • Cliff Orori Mosiori Department of Mathematics and Physics, School of Applied and Health Sciences, Technical University of Mombasa, P. O. Box 92840, Mombasa, KENYA



Urbach Tail, Surface Energy Loss Function, Volume Energy Function, Electric Susceptibility, Inter-Band Transition Strength, Methyl Ammonium Lead Halides


In this study, various forms of energies affecting optoelectronic properties of CH3NH3PbI3 thin films are presented and explained experimentally and using theoretical models. Different concentrations of CH3NH3PbI3 solution were prepared, and thin films were deposited using spin-coating at a speed of 1000 rpm for 90 seconds and annealed at 100o C for about 60 minutes. Optical measurements were obtained, and the films were analyzed. The results showed that some properties, like absorption coefficients, ranged between 4.68073 - 22.19402×102 cm-1, dielectric constant between 4.10497 - 4.96329, and band gap between 1.6121 – 2.1642 eV. Various energies were determined, including transition energies, obtained as 1.742 eV, VE losses as 1.732 eV, average band gap at 1.723 eV, and SE losses at 1.714 eV. These values of internal energy had a significant direct influence on the optoelectronic properties of CH3NH3PbI3 and thus concluded that they could be used to provide initial helpful information in designing and modeling hybrid perovskite optical devices.


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