Factors Influencing Women’s Reproductive Health

  • Nasrin Zahan ASAUB
Keywords: Women’s health, PHC (Primary Health Care), NGO clinics, SHOUJAR HASHI Clinics, RTIs, STDs, HIV and AIDS, WHO, NIPORT, CEDAW


Women in the developing countries are often found in poor health and overburdened with work; most are anemic, many suffer from malnutrition and parasitism. Especially during pregnancy and childbirth they suffer from iron and adequate health care services. Older women and men have distinct reproductive and sexual health issues which are often inadequately addressed. Mainly women’s health status is affected by complex biological, social and cultural factors which are interrelated and can only be addressed ia comprehensive manner. Reproductive health is determined not only by the quality and availability of health care, but also by socio-economic development levels and women’s position in society. In its 1994 World Report on Women's Health, the Federation states that women's health is often compromised not by lack of medical knowledge, but by infringements on women's human rights.


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Author Biography

Nasrin Zahan, ASAUB

Lecturer of Applied Sociology, ASA University Bangladesh, BANGLADESH


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