O2O Business Model of Meituan in China


  • Md Saikat Hosen Capital Normal University




Business Model, E-Commerce, Meituan, China, Financial Ratio


The research applies performance evaluation of O2O Business Model of China. It means evaluate how well the company performance. The focus aim is achieved through the O2O Business Model and Meituan, Ratio analysis of Meituan (2017-2019), share price movement we have use average moving Meituan Dianping (3690.HK), price to sales ratio among E-commerce firms. It is most important factor for performance evaluation. The graphical analysis and comparison are applying analysis and company’s measurement of all type of financial ratio. Share price movement indicate the trend of company’s present performance, as well as price to sales ration comparison among other tech companies.  That Meituan is waiting, the company will grow strongly by its core market the food delivery business.


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Author Biography

  • Md Saikat Hosen, Capital Normal University

    College of Management, Capital Normal University, Haidian District, Beijing, CHINA


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